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webinos media hub

Application type: 

The webinos media hub

What is it about?

The webinos media hub is a software solution targeted to enable the seamless interaction with personal content distributed across disparate devices and remote storage units. The webinos media hub interconnects personal devices that host, access and play back media. The webinosTV application is developed upon the webinos media hub to show its benefits. webinosTV provides unified and easy control over various content flows with a focus on improving end user consumption experience. webinosTV is built with webinos technology and other open technologies like standard Web technologies and marks the first truly multi-screen cross-device media player.


Get in touch with us! 

If you are interested in running webinos and the media hub in association with your systems don't hesitate to contact us: Martin Lasak.

Why Webinos?: 

What is so special about the webinos media hub and webinosTV?

Short answer: gain access and retain control. Nowadays, more and more devices surround us. Screens, tablets, audio players and a large amount of other connected gadgets can present media. At the same time, content is available via network storage devices, cloud services, cameras, MP3 players and other devices and gadgets. While creating new possibilities, this also requires a high amount of knowledge to get simple tasks done. Playing audio files from your smartphone on the audio system in the living room is no longer as trivial as just connecting the two with a cable. With webinosTV built upon the webinos media hub this simplicity is about to return: simply connecting two arbitary devices by using a virtual cable to play back any media. In fact, integrated, easy to use slutions for directing content from one device to another already exist, but they require all components to come from the same systems, which usually means the same manufacturer. Other solutions often rely on special circumstances, e.g. they work only in local networks. This is where the webinos media hub comes into play using an open technology as an enabler: webinos provides an unified cross-device, cross-domain and cross-platform solution, which offers simple device discovery, secure synchronization and preservation of user privacy at the same time. The webinosTV application uses webinos to allow communication between all connected personal devices independent of platform and operating system. The devices are registered within the personal zone once and benefit from service sharing and access control subsequently. The media player application webinosTV benefits from this platform features and links source and target devices intuitively. Therefore, the application provides access to consolidated and shared content for consumption, distributed across many devices and ready to play back on the desired device. With this in mind webinosTV is like a multi-screen switchboard for seamless interaction with distributed content. All actions and media can fully remain within the own personal zone where devices are securely interconnected, simply: getting full functionality without sacrificing privacy.

How it works?

Everything starts with your devices. Once you power on your webinos enabled device it registers all its services in your personal zone and it makes those services accessible for requesting apps. One step back: to enable webinos on a device an installation of a set of client components is needed. After this installation (take an installer appropriate for your system) and a device enrolment procedure the device is ready and its services can be used remotely. Note: the usage is possible not only across devices owned by one user but may be shared with explicit consent across two connected personal zones respectively two users. The most prominent services defining the webinos media hub are the media and metadata access (MediaContent), media render control (MediaPlay) and live tv streams access (TV) service. Like other services they can be discovered by requesting apps running on remote devices. These services can be used then using appropriate JavaScript APIs within Web technologies based webinos applications.

In particular, the remote media access using the MediaContent service is focused in the following. In case a webinos device hosts itself media or has access to such it can expose this via a service. Currently, local stored media and media accessed through UPNP/DLNA can be exposed. For each of these media sources a separate services is dynamically created. For example, is a UPNP/DLNS based devices is powered on the MediaContent service managements module will discover it in the local network and enable access to the media metadata made available by instantiating a new discoverable service for it. Even if the media storing device itself is not accessible directly by application running on remote devices in probably foreign networks, through the exposed new service it gets utilisable within the personal zone and connected personal zones.




Technogies used to develop the webinosTV application


webinos APIs

Most involved webinos APIs:
App2App Messaging
File API
Device Orientation API
AppLauncher API


Screenshots/Video of the webinosTV application (Dark Design)

1. Multi-screen webinosTV application - overview


2. Demo video

3. Screenshots

mode selection

Application startup - operation mode selection

 browser mode

webinosTV - browser view


controller mode

webinosTV - controller view


 renderer modewebinosTV - renderer view


Screenshots/Video of the webinosTV application (Bright Design)

A alternate user interface is currently under evaluation. 

Get the app!

To load the webinosTV app scan the QR code with your webinos enables device or enter


For further information, please see the provided external links below for build and installation instructions.