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webinos Health Hub

Application type: 


The webinos Health Hub


What is it about?

Based on webinos technology, the webinos Health Hub provides a solution not only allowing sharing personal health data between different users in a secure and reliable way, but also in real time and remotely. 

The developing pace of persaonl  fitness and health sensors, especially for wearables, has been record fast. Health Hub application is to take full use of this development, create a competent platform for integrating health sensors sourced from different manufactures and supports different protocols.  It also provides easy and flexible interfaces for third party developers to support their own range of sensors.  

Health Hub takes maternity and baby care as an example.  User profiles include new Moms and midwives. Application is crafted to meet both user profiles but with a generic UI interface. Profile specific page is loaded while user profile is selected. Mom has access to her own and her babies health data while midwife has access to all the babies that registered with her. Midwife can trigger connection between herself with different babies and to access baby or Mom's health data in real time. 


Why Webinos?: 

...with webinos, secure, reliable and remote sharing is possible

By using functionalities provided by webinos platform, such as secure TLS session management, local and remote connectivity module, Policy framework and a set of JavaScript APIs, the Health Hub demo shows that you can achieve secure and real-time sharing of health data collected from your health sensors with your health provider, personal fitness trainer and friends.  







Installation Instructions

git clone  -b demo Please refer README for installation instructions.
Webinos Health Hub provides drivers for several sensors:
  • Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor (bluetooth)
  • Garmin Heart Rate monitor (ant+)
  • SmartLab weight scale (ant+)
  • Smartlab bloodsugar monitor (ant+)
  • Contec Pulse Oximeter (bluetooth)

Webinos prerequisites

To run the application you need the latest webinos version with at least the following API installed:

To have supports for Ant+ Healthcare sensors, you need the following webinos driver installed: 

To have support for Bluetooth oximeter sensor, you need the following driver installed 

To support Ant+ protocol in your Linux PC, you need to build and run the following daemon

Next Release of Webinos Health Hub

We are introducing more features on webinos Health Hub application, including people profile database, historic health data management etc. Please keep on cheking at -


Download the App

A widget for the App is available here



If you want to contribute, our open source code is published on Github under GPLv2 licence at